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In Rapha Acupuncture and Herbs, our mission is to restore, improve and maintain the health of our patients through Chinese Medicine with compassion and individual customized patient care. We work with you to achieve your optimal health through the most safe, effective and natural way.

We work to target the root of the problem, not the branch. By finding out the root problem and eliminate the factor that’s causing all the symptoms, we activate your bodies to heal naturally. (Without serious side effects, harmful procedures or lifelong dependency).

If you have more than one issue; for example, headache, stomach ache and stress, we can target all of them at the same time if it’s from the same root. Each patient will be prescribed a customized acupuncture and/or herbal prescription that specifically meet the needs of the individual. In California, acupuncturists are considered primary health care physicians.

Our Chinese Medicine Physician Shelly Wu discovered the works of Chinese Medicine through her personal experience with her previous illness. She believes that Chinese Medicine can bring restoration and benefit her patients even more. She now lives a lifestyle of wellness and health with the practice of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

Shelly received her Master of Oriental Medicine degree from Southern University of Health Sciences. She also trained intensively in Taiwan at Chang-Gung memorial hospital in various modalities. Prior to her passion in Chinese Medicine, Shelly also pursued nursing in California State University of Los Angeles. She works to integrate knowledge, diagnosis and skills of Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine.

Shelly believes that any medical procedure should be practiced with compassion and integrity. She spends time with her patients to go over all the concerns they may have, work along side with them to bring restoration, and does intensive research to bring the most effective and safe treatment to her patients.

With the firm background in nursing in California State University of Los Angeles, Shelly provides her patients with the best alternative medicine care with strong, evidence based scientific background.

Shelly will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have, and is willing to provide free consultation: Feel free to call 626-808-4114.